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Lets talk Philip Drfranco.Betterhelp.Article…is going to be about my experience with therapy specifically using the better help platform so i started therapy two months ago and i’m gonna be getting into reasons why i did start therapy and of all of course be sharing more and my experience but before we do get into my experience i do just want to share a bit more about the better health platform itself how to get started more details on the pricing if you are considering going down this route yourself so better help is an online alternative to therapy and their mission is to make professional counselling affordable accessible and convenient to everyone around the world who is struggling with life’s problems so on the platform there are thousands of counsellors therapists licensed social workers who have years of experience in their field of therapy or counseling and they are accessible to you over this platform all you need is a mobile phone or a laptop and an internet connection to get started on the platform it is so easy all you want to do is log on to you will then need to complete a questionnaire and on the questionnaire it will ask you a series of questions about yourself your background what challenges you facing and what your requirements are when it comes to a therapist so that could be spiritual religious backgrounds and race as well there’s so many different options to make sure that you are matched up to the right counselor for you once you’ve completed the survey within 24 to 48 hours you will then be connected with your counselor the great thing about the platform is you can connect with a counselor but if you find that you’re not really vibing with that counselor you can change them so it’s not all set in stone there’s so much potential for you to swap and change and to try new counsellors so once you are then connected to a counselor this will open up your online platform and it will show you a screen where you’ll have the details of your counselor there’s a chat box if you want to send any messages and there’s also a calendar box as well and this is where you can book in the sessions so it really is your choice how you want to have the sessions you can either have them as a voice call a video call or you can use the chat box and you can just have text counseling so this decision really is yours so once you have been assigned to a counselor they’ll most likely introduce themselves to you and give you a bit more information on what to expect and then you can go ahead and book in your session straight away so the price for counseling on better health is extremely affordable in my opinion it’s around a third the price that you’d normally pay for typical counselling and they do also have many different offers and deals depending on your current situation i know for myself i’m a student so i do also get a discount which equals to around 35 pounds per week you do have to pay monthly so it works at around 140 pounds per month so once you get on the platform you’ll be able to see which is going to be the best package for you and i do have a special code for you as well so if you’re wanting to try out this platform head down to the description because i do have a code where you can get the first week of therapy for completely free so that’s it about the platform so let’s now talk about the reason why i decided to go for therapy and i want to take it a bit further back in my journey so i have openly shared quite a few times with my community that i did struggle with depression and social anxiety as a teen and back then i was offered counseling in school but back then i wasn’t trying to talk to anybody so i it just didn’t it was useless basically because i wasn’t willing to speak i always had a different counselor so i felt like i wasn’t really building a relationship with them anyway so that just made me even more silent because it’s like what’s the point is this even gonna work is is there any need for this so back then i didn’t really have a positive experience with counselling or therapy i keep using them interchangeably but to me i can’t it kind of means the same thing so i didn’t really have a positive experience back then so i pretty much discarded it for the rest of my teenage years i thought i’m not even going to try that again and i just decided to bottle up my emotions and bottle up my feelings and there was a lot of unresolved trauma that i’ve been holding within myself for so many years and i didn’t actually realize until i started my personal development journey until the past couple of years especially during the pandemic that really made me open my eyes to the unresolved trauma that i have and how it’s affecting me in my life in my business in my relationships so i knew that in order to overcome this in order to really progress in life and become the best version of myself i have to seek out therapy however i had these thoughts last year so in 2020 during the pandemic i had the thoughts that maybe i should try out therapy and this is where i started to see all of the online ads for better help and i saw all the influencers talking about it i saw ads for it all the time so i was a bit skeptical to be honest because i was thinking is this gonna work is this just some cheap thing that they’re getting loads of influencers to promote and i was just very skeptical but in the back of my mind i knew at some point i wanted to try it and there must have been about three occasions where i actually got as far as getting to the basket so i i did the questionnaire multiple times i chose my package and i thought it was going to be 35 pound a week but when i saw that you had to pay monthly and it was like 140 pounds i was like do i want to do it do i really want to go there so i i just put it in my basket so many times and i abandoned the basket so what really was a turning point for me and what really made me think okay now is the time there was actually two things one thing is i got into a new relationship this relationship that i’m currently in has opened my eyes to so much i’ve experienced so much growth and it really exposed to me the shadows of my myself and my personality and how i’m showing up so i knew that in order to break free from that therapy had to be an option and then the second thing that really made me push the trigger on therapy was a conversation that i actually had with my sister so i haven’t seen my sister for a couple of years now this is a step sister of mine but i don’t really like to use that word so i just say sister but that explains why we haven’t really seen each other for a couple of years and recently this was back in april i went to go see her and we ended up having such an amazing conversation it was a really long conversation as well and within this conversation she kept on asking me oh montel do you remember when this happened do you remember when this happened in childhood and i was like no i i don’t remember these things and that actually upset me and it made me realize that there are so many unresolved traumas and emotions that i have just become numb to and i’ve kind of blocked those memories within myself the fact that she could remember and recall these experiences so easily it was clear to me that i had tried to block them out in some way so i was like now this is enough i need to i need to go into therapy i need to uncover these blocks that i’ve got because i seen how they were showing up in my life i’ve seen how they were showing up in my relationship i’ve seen how they were showing up in my business and i knew that if i didn’t resolve this trauma this is going to continue the cycle is going to continue and i’m someone who is so so passionate


about breaking generational curses and breaking the cycles that come down from previous generations i’ve seen the the cycle that’s repeated itself through my grandmother through my mother and i know for sure i do not want to continue that but i knew that as ambitious as i am to not continue that cycle if i don’t confront this trauma head on right now it is going to show up in life at some point so that’s what really took me over the edge and made me decide that now is the time for me to start therapy so a lot of it was unresolved trauma from my childhood from my upbringing and then from previous relationships previous experiences that i’ve been in and i can honestly say it is one of the best things that i could have done for myself especially at this stage of life that i’m in right now where i’m going for a transition of adulthood and moving into the next quarters of my life i knew that this is such an amazing decision for me to make right now so i have been using the better help platform for the past two months i’ve been with the same counselor ever since and i can honestly say that i’ve had such a positive experience i’m paired with a counselor who really understands where i’m coming from but is able to look at my situation from a bedside view and give me their perspective with no judgement so it’s just really nice and comforting to have someone who doesn’t know you who cannot judge you who cannot really hold an opinion to give you useful advice and just for you to be able to talk through things so some of the things that i really like about the better help platform specifically is the fact that it is so accessible so i can book a session whenever i please and all i need is access to either my phone or my laptop and i can speak with my counselor so it’s so flexible in terms of the hours there’s counsellors all over the world i know that my counselor right now is in america but you can choose a counselor wherever you are that will really fit your schedule and it’s just so easy to book in the sessions and have the appointment and speak with your counselor on a weekly basis another thing that i really like is the fact that these counselors they are experienced they are licensed my specific therapist right now she has been doing


this for the past 20 plus years and the information that she’s given me is just so powerful there’s so many worksheets available and so many interesting questions that they ask and just having their perspective is really really really useful so overall my experience with betterhelp is really positive i i love the platform i love how efficient it is to book in a session to speak with your therapist whether it’s just on your phone or on a laptop it just makes it so easy and accessible i so far have had a really positive experience with the counselor i’m with like i say this is the only person i’ve been with so far so that just shows that we’re we’re getting along and we’re having a really good relationship and the only the only thing that i’d say was a negative but not really because betterhelp customer service was actually amazing at dealing with this but there was a time where my therapist had to cancel and it was really last minute and then she had no other appointments left for that week and then it happened again the second week so that’s something to bear in mind because the counselors on this platform they have so many clients like there’s so many people who are booking in sessions so it makes it it makes sense that their schedule is really busy and you just have to remember that you are getting what you pay for so if you counselor ends up cancelling then they end up canceling but it because it happened to me two times in a row i was like okay i might have to consider getting another counsellor if this happens again and i did actually contact better help support and i explained what happened that they cancelled twice in a row and better help was very very good at dealing with the situation they got back to me within 24 hours and they was like okay to compensate this they added two free weeks on to my billing cycle so i ended up getting that the weeks back that i lost so i found that very very um amazing that they were so ready and willing to resolve the issue and add the three weeks on so aside from that experience there hasn’t really been a negative side to this i’m having the best time and as time goes on i of course will keep you updated with my experience i’ve only been doing therapy for a couple of months so this is really all i can share so far but i highly would recommend this platform if you are considering therapy and you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then this could be the alternative for you so like i say i will leave down in the description box a a code where you can get your first week of therapy free so if you just want to try it out see how things go and then you can make your decision of whether this is going to be something that you maintain long term i know for myself i see this being something i’m going to maintain long term at least for the next 12 months just because i see so much transformation i see the benefit the people around me see it my friends my boyfriend everyone is seeing the transition that i’m going through from having these sessions and of course having that support from my boyfriend my family and my friends as well just really compliments the therapy that i am doing now so yeah that is it for this episode i do hope you enjoyed if you’re watching over on youtube make sure you hit that subscribe button if you are listening over on Philip Drfranco.Betterhelp.Article